I guess I’m a blogger???

Honestly I never thought about starting a blog until two of my best friends recently did. I guess you could say I’m copying them, but in reality they’re probably going to be the only people reading this, so it’s alllll good 🙂

As I said in my “About Me” page, I’m a student at University of Waterloo. I just finished exams (yay!) so I’m finally free for four months and I am so excited to start summer adventures (I’ll talk about all my fantastic plans in another post). But yeah, I’m pretty excited to have four months all to myself to take a break from school and stress.

I’m not exactly sure how this whole blog thing works, so hang in there with me as I figure out posts that are interesting for both you and me! I’m very excited to start this online journey of my life.

ALSO: You can click Follow on the side bar to get lots of updates about moi.


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