Summer Adventures

Okay as I promised in my first post, I am going to talk about some of my plans for this summer.

First off, there will be lots of exploring, camping and hiking  with some of my beautiful best friends. Soooo excited to spend my summer with them. I’ll probably be posting about our adventures… so be prepared for some cool things.

Second, I’m excited to say that I will be going as a youth adviser to Synod for a week in June! Synod is a huge gathering of the Christian Reformed Church to make many, many decisions within the church. I just found out I will be on the committee that talks about World Missions and the churches role within that, so I’m super pumped for this.

Third (and best), I’m going to Vancouver for two and a half weeks in August!! My cousin is getting married in Stanley Park, so we get to go out there and chill with family in one of the most beautiful places in our country. This will be my first time out to BC and honestly I’m most excited to go to the city ‘Steveston’. Fun fact: My favouite show “Once Upon a Time” was filmed in Steveston, which is why this will be awesome. Not to mention that wedding celebrations are really, REALLY, fun.

I will be working this summer at University of Waterloo in the AV department as a Videographer and Projectionist, so that’s some fun stuff. I also hope to get another job or volunteer position to fill up my time and to gain some experience.

So that’s basically my summer, mixed in with some more exciting cottage and camping adventures. So glad summer is now upon us.


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