Albion Falls

I have heard that Hamilton is the “armpit of Ontario”. I always wondered what people had against Hamilton. I mean I’ve only been there a few times, so I don’t really know much about it. Maybe that’s why I thought I would try hiking in Hamilton and see if it truly is the armpit of Ontario.

This past Friday, two of my friends and I decided we would give hiking together a try. We’ve all been hiking before, but never together, so we knew this would be fun and new. Anna’s been to Albion falls before, and of course it was a popular choice because it was free – so Albion Falls it was. We started out on a little road trip. Anna and I met Hannah in a carpool lot in Morriston and off we went! I love road trips with these two. BTW the drive to Hamilton is absolutely beautiful.

We made it to Albion falls safely, but we were a tad confused why Albion falls was just a house. Tip: don’t type Albion Falls into google maps and expect it to actually lead you to Albion Falls. Thankfully Anna figured everything out and we arrived at – the real – Albion Falls. It wasn’t too much of a hike to get down to the waterfall – but it was gorgeous. We took lots of photos and met a cool guy making a book of pictures he takes with his drone. We thought about hiking down the river, but we would have had to go in water and climb on rocks, so we passed for now. Hannah is quite the rock climber, so she decided to climb the rocks and she made it look pretty easy. So Anna and I thought “we can do it”, but no…no we could not do it. We climbed up a few feet, got stuck and a little fearful – so we climbed right back down.

After the falls, we found the Bruce Trail and hiked on that for a while. Nothing too eventful happened. It was just really nice walking with friends and talking about anything and everything. We stumbled across a golf course and decided to stop for lunch, where we also experienced our first tongue tattoos. Mine was red so you couldn’t see it – but seriously, why would you make a tongue tattoo red? Hannah’s and Anna’s were pretty cute though. We then made our way back to the car, only stumbling across one snake (I may have screamed a little, but can you blame me?).

On our way back home, we found a cute little pottery place and took a lot of pictures with the pots, cause what else would you do? After dropping Hannah off back at the carpool lot, Anna and I ran into a bit of traffic. And by a bit, I mean a lot. There was a three car car crash, so we were on a standstill on the highway for 40 minutes. But, when you got AC, music and the right person, 40 minutes ain’t so bad.

So yes, I had a fantastic day and yes, I will argue anyone who says Hamilton is the armpit of Ontario, because it is sooo travel worthy.


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